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FirstFruits, Giving and Tithing

The Bible tells us that God LOVES A HILARIOUS GIVER. Huh? Dr. Scott unfolded this least preached and most unpopular Gospel message that Jesus himself said we (Christians) ought to do. Does God see you as a "Thief and a Robber" or as a Joyful Giver from what He blesses you with and lets you keep?

The Reverend and
Pastor Melissa Scott

Dr. Gene Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott

The Resurrection

University Cathedral

Dolores Press


by Dr. w. euGENE SCOTT (Ph.D., Stanford University)

Jesus Christ in Pilate's Judgment Hall - Painted by Dr. Gene Scott

I asked Dr. Scott if he would sit down with me so I could ask some questions in an interview format regarding Firstfruits and giving. I feel that there are many people who have not been taught why we should give. Unfortunately, giving has taken on many names and has either become a charitable situation or people get intimidated because they simply do not have the information needed to make a spiritually sound step towards God. I can look at my own background, where giving was always reduced to pocket change, and then finally I was blessed to understand what giving really means through the teaching of Dr. Gene Scott. It has opened up a spiritual understanding beyond what I could ever hope to articulate. For those that have been taught, I hope this will be a refreshing glimpse into what you already know, and for those of you that are "newcomers

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